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Hello and Welcome to ANASTAKAS

Your imagination is your limit.

Just over three years ago i became fascinated with the idea of creating women’s t-shirts that every female can wear with pride and feel good.

I love fashion and I truly believe what we wear can change how we feel about ourselves, it interacts with the world presenting our moods and putting ourselves out there.  It’s our personal statement.

What you wear makes a huge difference how others are seeing us but also how we feel about ourselves.

When we are wearing something nice it makes us more confident ,comfortable and definitely we feel good.

Our personal style can empower us,but remember dress to empower yourself,definitely not to impress others.

When it comes to our t-shirts we have specific themes or matching t-shirts for MUM and Daughter,mini me collection.

Being a mum myself i love the idea of matching outfits for MUM and Daughter or the whole family.It’s personal, thoughtful  and creates great memories.

Our t-shirts are made with love,comfortable and are designed in Australia.

Recently we have added more products,Reed and car diffusers ,all hand made in Australia.

We have 11 different smells ,myself I really enjoy Mediterranean and  Memories (inspired by Santal 33).

I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.